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What can you do if you're threatened with foreclosure?

The last thing you want to do is to move out of your home, but with missed payments adding up, you aren't sure you can remain in your home. Foreclosure defense is an option that you should look into.

Millions of people have lost their homes to foreclosure. Foreclosures begin when they miss three or more payments or enough that the mortgage lender is satisfied that the person is not going to pay. At that point, the lender seeks the foreclosure with the goal of getting the people out of the home and selling it to make back as much money as possible.

The good news for people struggling with a mortgage is that there are options. For example, you can see a reduction in the amount you pay each month for a period of time, or you can ask that late fees or penalties are dropped in exchange for getting back on track with payments. You can ask for a reduction in the loan's interest rate or forgiveness for a missed payment.

Renegotiating the terms of your mortgage is a good idea if you're struggling to pay for it. Even something as simple as a month's forbearance could be enough to help you get back on track and avoid a foreclosure.

It is hard to imagine the feeling that you could lose your house, but there are people who can help. The right approach to a potential foreclosure could help you get back on good terms with your lender and help you stay in the home you love.

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