If you’ve missed paying several payments on your home mortgage, your bank could be preparing to foreclose your home. In fact, you’ve probably already received a letter notifying you of the foreclosure process, which may be why you’ve turned to this article for a solution. While there’s no substitute for speaking with a professional foreclosure defense attorney, here are three common strategies that foreclosure attorneys use to fight this legal process on behalf of their clients:

Negotiating with the lender

Your mortgage lender may be willing to work with you in order to get you back on track with your payments. Sometimes, such a compromise will involve a lender adjusting the amount you pay for several payments to help spread out your back payments owed across several months. Other times your lender may be willing to negotiate the terms of your loan to reduce your payments.

Short-selling your property

With permission from your lender, you might be able to sell your property via a short sale. Your lender could see this as advantageous and time saving compared to the expense and hassle of foreclosing on your property.

Filing for bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process — if you can qualify for it — could serve to stop your foreclosure process and allow you to keep your residence. After filing for bankruptcy, your mortgage lender must stop all its efforts to pursue the money you owe it — this includes stopping your foreclosure proceedings. Bankruptcy won’t make the money you own your mortgage disappear, but it could buy you valuable time while you renegotiate the terms of your debt with the lender.

Are you in danger of losing your home as a result of the foreclosure process? Makes sure you investigate all the foreclosure defense options available to you and your family, then select the option that’s most appropriate for your needs.