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Musician finds herself facing overwhelming debt after tour

Some careers are more difficult to succeed in than others. Careers in the arts are well-known to be particularly challenging. Despite an individual's passion or talent for this type of creative endeavor, many will find they are not able to make a decent living in the arts sector in Texas or in any other state. One musician found this out firsthand and also found herself facing overwhelming debt after a year of touring.

The woman, now 32 years old, has since left the music industry and currently makes her living as a freelance writer and editor. Although she now believes her debt problems are under control, her personal finances were anything but under control when she was still in the music industry. The woman says that she had failed to plan properly for her year-long tour as a musician.

Much of the problem stemmed from booking too many gigs without receiving enough pay. The woman had made many promises to travel to various cities all across the country without the proper financing to cover the expenses. Although she created a Kickstarter fundraiser in order to obtain funds to finance the tour, the travel expenses ended up costing much more than the amount of funds she received from donors.

The woman is aiming to pay off all of her debt within the next two years. The only type of debt the woman currently has is credit card debt. She luckily does not have any debts from student loans -- which are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. The woman reports that she currently owes $15,866.81 from credit card bills which had accumulated during her time as a touring musician.

Although this woman appears lucky enough to find her way to more financial stability without taking further steps, many people in Texas who find themselves facing overwhelming debt are not able to reach financial stability needed to begin paying off their debts. However, many of these people still have several options left at their disposal. One common option is to file a personal bankruptcy, which can help discharge many debts and restructure other types of debts and lead to a fresh financial start.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor, "A writer's ongoing recovery from credit card debt", Heather Yamada-Hosley, March 29, 2014

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