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Senator attempts to address overwhelming debt from medical bills

Health is one of the most important aspects of life for a person. Despite this, illness is a fact of life and just about everybody will experience some type of illness which will require medical treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment is not free and could result in overwhelming debt for consumers in Texas and elsewhere. One senator has recently learned that hospitals may be charging exorbitant fees for the services rendered and has decided to take action regarding this issue.

The senator first realized the extent of the problem when he read a Time Magazine article published in March addressing the issue. The article claimed that hospitals mark-up their products and services several times higher than their real costs to the hospitals. One example which the article mentioned was one hospital's costs for laboratory work for patients in 2010. This work cost the hospital $27.5 million however the hospital charged their patients $293.2 million.

Another case which was mentioned by the article is one hospital having charged $77 for one single box of gauze pads. The article also mentioned hospitals marking up the price of Acetaminophen by an astonishing 10,000 percent. The senator claims that the hospitals are not informing the patients of the large markups in pricing. He is asking that consumers in his state send examples of what they believe to be unreasonably priced medical bills.

Despite the effort by the senator, many people in Texas and elsewhere will still have to face overwhelming debt as a result of these unreasonable medical bills. Although this can be a serious problem, there are a variety of solutions available to these consumers. One option would be to file a personal bankruptcy, which could possibly discharge the debts owed as a result of medical bills.

Source: Livingston Daily, "Hune seeks 'exorbitant medical bills'," Christopher Behnan, April 24, 2013

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