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March 2013 Archives

Creditors push for involuntary bankruptcy of defunct company

In many ways, companies are just like individual people when it comes to debt and finances. If a company in Texas or elsewhere owes money to creditors, it is obligated to repay money borrowed. A group of hedge funds led by SPQR Capital is currently arguing in a bankruptcy proceeding that a business which once existed, but is no longer in existence, is still obligated to repay debts owed to creditors.

Texas congressman Ruben Hinojosa completes personal bankruptcy

Just about everybody feels some sense of duty to their family. Those who own and operate a family business that has been passed down through generations may feel a duty to do what they can to keep those businesses alive, even at the cost of their own financial well-being. One Texas congressman, Ruben Hinojosa, may have done this. That may have been one reason why he sought the protection of personal bankruptcy to address his financial concerns in a responsible fashion.

Brewing company owner files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Running one's own business can be a rewarding experience. However, many times it can be quite challenging, especially in the face of the recent recession which affected businesses in Texas and in every other state. One business owner found this out the hard way when his brewing company was forced to close down. The man later ended up filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a result of his financial hardship.

Overwhelming debt from credit cards prevent saving in Texas

Saving money is an important personal finance goal for many people. Having sufficient savings funds can allow a person to be more prepared for any unexpected circumstances, such as a job loss or sudden injury. It can also help people prepare for retirement in Texas or across the country. However, one factor which keeps many Americans from being able to effectively save money is overwhelming debt caused by credit card accounts.


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