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Texas consumers may reduce overwhelming debt from medical bills

Most people will get sick or injured at some point in their lives. Many times, this will result in some medical bills which could quickly turn into overwhelming debt if one is not careful. However, there are ways for individuals in Texas and elsewhere to save on medical expenses. This can help avoid future financial problems following a sickness or medical emergency.

One action that a person can take to reduce medical expenses is to begin before an injury or sickness occurs. Annual physical exams and other health tests will help to spot potential health problems before they start. Also, you may be able to save up to 30 percent just by paying ahead of time and in cash. Medical professionals will find this advantageous because it helps to reduce the amount of paperwork they must complete.

Another way to save money on medical bills is to search for free or inexpensive government or non-profit programs. Both the state government and federal government offer free or reduce-priced medical services; however, one must first conduct some research to find out what is available. For women, local non-profit groups may offer free mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. There are even some organizations that offer free prescription drugs to people with extremely low income.

Unfortunately, even after taking all of the measures possible to reduce medical bills, some people in Texas and elsewhere may still find themselves being buried by overwhelming debt. This can cause serious hardships, especially for those with chronic illnesses. However, one solution which consumers commonly use to relieve themselves of debt is filing for bankruptcy. Filing a bankruptcy petition often has the potential to discharge unwanted medical debts and get a consumer back on the path to financial success.

Source: MSN Money, "Cut your medical bills by 30%- MSN Money," Donna Freedman, Jan. 25, 2013

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