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Prepaid card helps former addicts with overwhelming debt in Texas

There are many potential causes of a person's financial hardship. The recent recession has certainly played a significant role in many cases. However, for many in Texas there are other factors that play a role in causing overwhelming debt. Some end up becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, which eventually causes their financial downfall. Luckily, for these people, MasterCard has created a prepaid credit card especially designed for recovering drug addicts.

The card is known as the Next Step Prepaid and was co-founded by a recovering alcoholic. He understood that former substance abusers need concrete limits and boundaries in order to overcome poor decision-making habits, which includes excessive spending while they are recovering from their addiction. Many times a parent or other individual of authority can decide the recovering addict's limits on spending each day.

Although the card is meant to aid a recovering addict to overcome his or her addiction, the card's co-founder admits that the new prepaid card is not a perfect plan. If a person wishes to drink alcohol or abuse drugs, he or she will find a way to do it. The co-founder says that the credit card can only make it more difficult for the recovering user to obtain cash usually necessary to purchase drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately, even if a recovering addict is able to overcome his or her addiction, he or she may not be able to conquer overwhelming debt. Luckily, there are many options available if one cannot keep up with his or her monthly debt payments in Texas or elsewhere. Filing bankruptcy may be able to discharge much of the debt owed, while reorganizing the remaining debt into more manageable payment schedules.

Source: Marketplace Business, "Drug use and debt: A credit card for recovering addicts," David Lazarus, Feb 1, 2013

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