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Woman faced overwhelming debt after husband dies from cancer

The economy left weakened from the recent recession has also left many families on the brink of financial disaster. These families in Texas and elsewhere are just barely able to pay for their basic needs and are vulnerable to one unfortunate incident burying them in overwhelming debt. One of the most common ways which families end up in dire financial straits is when a family member suddenly becomes ill. This becomes a problem when the family cannot afford to pay the medical bills.

One 44-year-old woman experienced this when her husband recently died from cancer. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2009. At that point the family was already having trouble keeping up with paying their bills. Even with both spouses working the couple could not earn enough to make the mortgage payments. The woman even began a second seasonal job in order to help make ends meet.

Then the woman inherited her grandmother's home and assumed the payments on the house so that her disabled uncle would have a place to live. To make matters worse, her son who had been in a car accident began suffering grand mal seizures. The worst came in June of 2009 when her husband who was already unable to work due to pain was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Eight months later the woman was laid off from her job.

After her husband finally died from his illness, the woman was left with overwhelming debt. The woman owed a combined debt of $400,000. When a person in Texas or elsewhere is faced with this amount of debt, he or she may feel helpless and powerless. However, there are always choices available which can help tackle the problem. One option may be to file for bankruptcy protection, which can discharge some or even all of the outstanding debts.

Source: The Seattle Times, "Medical bills, death of husband add to financial woes," Suzanne Monson, Nov. 17, 2012

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