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Is Twitter a way to clear overwhelming debt in Texas?

A Texas man used his presence on social media as a way to have his medical bills paid by his insurance company. The man was originally diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Although he was covered by medical insurance, for which he paid a monthly premium of $400, he quickly discovered a cap on the policy limited total payments to $300,000. Due to the large amount of treatment he needed, the man was faced with overwhelming debt that he had no ability to pay.

Instead of filing for bankruptcy, which the man had considered, he took action. He formed a website where he blogged about his treatment, and he was able to sell shirts and other merchandise which provided him with more money to fight his illness. He also started to use social media in his effort to bring people's attention to the issues surrounding health insurance.

In a move that shocked the man, the insurance company responded to his messages. With further dialogue, the man and the company reached an agreement where the company agreed to pay off the $118,000 in medical bills the man still owed. This was not only beneficial in his case, but also promoted the man's message that he believed the health care system has substantial deficiencies.

No Texas citizen wants to be overcome with sickness that results in them seeking extensive medical treatment. However, what can make this process even more difficult is having to deal with the overwhelming debt that can stem from rapidly escalating bills for medical care. In such cases, people in need of treatment but unable to pay the high cost, may benefit from seeking advice as to how to minimize their financial exposure all while ensuring they receive the best care possible. In some circumstances, bankruptcy protection may offer a viable means of conquering these financial obligations once and for all, thus allowing the individual to focus on recovery from their illness.

Source: Business Insider, "This Graduate Student Tweeted Aetna To Clear $118,000 Of Medical Bills --And It Worked," Jill Krasny, Aug. 14, 2012

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