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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy protection, it is very likely that you feel as if your financial life is very much broken. Every trip to the mailbox may be filled with anxiety in anticipation of discovering yet another letter from a collections department, and every ring of the phone may be yet another creditor making demands.

It is possible that you miscalculated the trajectory of your earnings and entered into contractual agreements beyond your present means. Perhaps the costs incurred by an accident or wages lost due to your employer's reduction of hours have created the deficit between your resources and your obligations.

Bankruptcy in Texas City, Texas

Regardless of the causes that have landed you in this present mess, the Texas City bankruptcy lawyers of Gipson, Norman & Root may be able to help you break free. Bankruptcy is not a magical cure-all, however, and we will help to ensure that you understand how to avoid making the same mistakes again. Contact us at 888-512-6044 to learn more about the corrective options available to you.

Our Bankruptcy Practice Areas

The Texas City bankruptcy lawyers of Gipson, Norman & Root have been serving Southeastern Texas' bankruptcy needs since 1985 in the following areas of practice:

We grant one free consultation to all prospective clients, and during that time we can evaluate your specific situation and advise you on what we see as the best course of action.

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Turn the tide back in your favor and begin taking the actions necessary to build a better future for your family, business, or family business. Contact the Texas City bankruptcy lawyers of Gipson, Norman & Root at 888-512-6044.