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As difficult as 2008 was for American families and businesses, it was worse for many of Galveston County's residents and commercial enterprises. The devastating effects of Hurricane Ike uprooted thousands of people, destroyed or damaged innumerable structures, and crippled the businesses that rely so much on the spending of Galveston's visitors. Unfortunately, your creditors may be more interested in collecting the debt owed than in helping you to wade through the aftermath of this natural disaster.

Bankruptcy in Galveston, Texas

The Galveston bankruptcy attorneys of Gipson, Norman & Root know what you are going through, because this is our home, too. Over the course of 2007 in the United States, more than 850,000 people and companies filed for bankruptcy protection. It should come as no surprise that number is expected to climb for 2008 as a result of the dramatic economic downturn.

The Galveston bankruptcy attorneys of Gipson, Norman & Root can help you to consider all the ramifications and requirements of filing for bankruptcy, before it is too late. If you decide that bankruptcy is the best choice for your family or business venture, one of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers can see you through the often complicated and confusing process. Contact us at 888-512-6044.

Our Bankruptcy Practice Areas

No two cases are exactly alike, and the optimal course for your situation may not be immediately obvious. The Galveston bankruptcy attorneys of Gipson, Norman & Root can take a closer look at all the relevant factors that shape your situation in order to determine whether bankruptcy is a good choice for you, and if so, whether you would be best served by:

We are not here to badger you into filing for bankruptcy. We are here to help you choose the course of action that will best help you to restore some fiscal stability to your life. Come in for a free consultation, and you will see why Southeast Texas has come to the Galveston County bankruptcy attorneys, Gipson, Norman & Root, since 1985.

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If you feel like you are living under a constant barrage of collection letters and calls, and you are ready to take the necessary steps to repair your financial situation and clear the path to a brighter future, contact the Galveston bankruptcy lawyers of Gipson, Norman & Root at 888-512-6044.