Friendswood Bankruptcy Lawyers

Business has been slow this year, and you can no longer see a way forward. The adjustable rate mortgage on your first home has become a dead weight, crushing your finances and your hopes. The student loans that you took out to get a college education are looming over your head - but you just don't have the money to pay them off.

You never intended to get so deep into debt, but a few mistakes and unforeseeable external factors have trapped you into obligations you cannot keep. Filing for bankruptcy protection may be your way out.

Bankruptcy in Friendswood, Texas

The Friendswood bankruptcy attorneys of Gipson, Norman & Root can explain the course to and consequences of filing for bankruptcy. In some cases, as difficult as it may be, bankruptcy may be the best choice to clear your path to a better future.

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Our Bankruptcy Practice Areas

The Friendswood bankruptcy attorneys of Gipson, Norman & Root have experience with all of the following types of bankruptcy filings and can guide you through the process of applying for:

Bear in mind that bankruptcy may not be the best option for you, depending upon the nature of your debt and the rest of your financial outlook. But while we wish that no one had to consider bankruptcy, we are privileged to help our clients to a greater understanding of its implications and requirements so that they can make an informed decision about the best way to begin the process of restoring their financial health.

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To explore your options with the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, contact the Friendswood bankruptcy lawyer of Gipson, Norman & Root at 888-512-6044. It has been our great honor to serve Southeast Texas since 1985 and we want to bring to your case the dedication that has allowed us that distinction.