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Can An Attorney Help Me Discharge My Student Loan Debt?

While not impossible, student loan debt is extremely difficult to discharge through bankruptcy. The debtor must show that repaying the loans would cause an undue hardship to him/herself and his/her dependants. Each judge may have a different interpretation of what may constitute an undue hardship. Factors for consideration may include:

  • Would repaying student loan debt force the debtor below a 'minimal' standard of living?
  • Are there contributing factors to the debtor's current state of affairs that are likely to exist for an extended period of time, making the ability to repay student debt in the future unlikely?
  • Has the debtor made an honest attempt to repay student loans?

Potential examples of individuals who might qualify for a student loan discharge include those who have become permanently incapacitated due to illness or injury.

Bankruptcy Can Free Up Money To Help You Make Student Loan Payments

For those who face unmanageable debt, realizing that student loans may not be eligible for discharge in bankruptcy can feel truly disheartening. However, there is still hope. While you may not be able to discharge your student loan debt in bankruptcy, you can discharge many other types of debt, such as credit cards, medical bills and unsecured bank loans. Once freed from those financial burdens, it will be much easier for you to work on paying off your student debt.

Every person will face a unique set of circumstances. Our lawyer is ready to speak with you about your individual position, and advise on best options for securing the debt relief you need.

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