Stop Your Creditors With Bankruptcy

Do Not Let Your Creditors Ruin Your Life

Living with the knowledge that you cannot afford to pay all of your financial obligations and bills is extremely stressful. But when creditors start to take actions that negatively affect you and your family, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

For those who are delinquent on bills, creditor harassment may become a daily occurrence. Some may worry about their electricity being shut off. Others may face home foreclosure or the repossession of their car. Regardless of your specific circumstances, it is important to understand that there is hope.

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When you contact the bankruptcy law office of Gipson, Norman & Root, we can help put an end to:

What Is An Automatic Stay And How Can It Help Me?

When you work with our law firm, we will help you file for bankruptcy and stop creditor harassment and collection attempts. As soon as we file the petition with the bankruptcy court, an automatic stay goes into place. This means that creditors are not allowed to contact you, pursue lawsuits against you, or try to collect on your debts while the bankruptcy is in progress. The good news is that creditors take the automatic stay very seriously, because if they violate the legal order, they may face lawsuits themselves. After your bankruptcy is finalized, your debt will either be permanently forgiven through Chapter 7 or it will be reorganized into an affordable repayment plan in Chapter 13. Both options provide continued legal protection from creditors.

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