Benefits of Bankruptcy

While many people view filing for bankruptcy to be a negative event, bankruptcy also has many benefits that can help a person take control of their debt. The benefits of filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Eliminate your responsibility to pay debt.
  • It can end harassment that you may have been dealing with from bill collectors.
  • The stress of your debt can be relieved, causing you to feel less anxious and healthier.
  • Any lawsuits against you may be suspended or even eliminated completely.
  • The struggle to pay bills that you can't afford will end.
  • Without overwhelming debt, you can begin saving for the future.
  • Foreclosure sales can be stopped.
  • Repossessions can be stopped.
  • IRS tax garnishments or levies can be removed.
  • Bankruptcy can improve your credit score in the long run.
  • Bankruptcy cases can rehabilitate failing business.
  • Bankruptcy cases generally take much less time than other legal cases so you can reap the benefits of bankruptcy quickly.

If you are struggling to pay your bills and are simply overwhelmed by your debt, bankruptcy may be the only way for you to regain control over your finances. Taking responsibility for your debt by filing for bankruptcy is a way to empower you financially and allows you to learn how to handle debt more carefully in the future. Speaking with a Clear Lake or Galveston board certified bankruptcy attorney is the first step in determining if bankruptcy is right for you. The skilled board certified bankruptcy attorneys of Gipson and Norman are dedicated to helping you find relief from your debt. Contact the board certified bankruptcy specialists of Gipson and Norman at our Clear Lake office at 281-823-7016 or toll free at 888-512-6044.