Can you file for bankruptcy more than once?

es. There are restrictions on how often you can file for bankruptcy, but there is no law against filing multiple times. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for example, can be filed and discharged every 8 years. A Chapter 7 can be filed and discharged after a Chapter 12 or 13 discharge after 6 years. A Chapter 13 can be filed and discharged every 2 years or after 4years if you received a prior 7, 11 or 12 discharge. If you were not discharged you can file sooner depending on the type of bankruptcy and how your case was dismissed. Speaking with a knowledgeable board certified bankruptcy attorney will help you know whether or not you are able to file for bankruptcy for a second or third time. For more information about the services we provide and to schedule your free initial consultation, contact the board certified bankruptcy attorneys in Clear Lake at 281-823-7016 or toll free at 888-512-6044.