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Medical Debt Archives

Overwhelming debt from medical bills can affect credit score

It is important to stay healthy, since a trip to the doctor or a hospital can be a significant and unforeseen financial burden. This has caused many people to be faced with overwhelming debt problems as well as decreased financial stability. However, along with looming medical bills, many people in Texas will find that medical debt can be detrimental to one’s credit score.

Payment plans can help with overwhelming debt from medical bills

When a person is sick or injured, he or she will be grateful for the opportunity to receive needed medical care. However, after receiving help from medical professionals, consumers will have to deal with the resulting medical bills. Many people may have problems keeping up with payments on overwhelming debt from medical bills in Texas or in any other state.

Middle class faces overwhelming debt from medical bills in Texas

Many politicians from both sides of the political spectrum talk of the importance of the growth of the middle class to the economic recovery in the United States. However, despite the political rhetoric, the middle class in Texas and other states is still struggling financially amid the slow economic recovery. One of the top concerns regarding personal finance among those in the middle class is overwhelming debt caused by medical bills.

Man plows snow to help pay friend's overwhelming debt

It is good to have friends. Good friends in Texas will do what they can to help when one is in need. One man is being a good friend by helping with his childhood friend's overwhelming debt caused by medical bills. The friend is doing this by plowing snow for residents in his locale.

Family faces overwhelming debt from infant's rare liver disease

The unexpected can happen in life, which means that people should be ready for just about anything. Spontaneous occurrences and situations can result in a need for medical care. However, this could also cause people to fall into overwhelming debt in Texas or in any other state. This may be what one family is facing now that their child has been diagnosed with a rare disease.

CFPB looks to update rules against creditor harassment in Texas

Many people who face large medical bills may find themselves fielding phone calls and letters from a debt collector. However, this is where the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) comes in to curb creditor harassment. The bureau is in charge of regulating debt collection activities in Texas and all other states in the nation. Now, the bureau is preparing to update the rules which regulate how debt collectors are allowed to communicate with consumers that owe overwhelming debt.

Medical credit cards cause overwhelming debt in Texas

Healthcare has been on the minds of many people as of late due to the recent debate among lawmakers regarding Obamacare. Medical bills are a common reason for people to find themselves in overwhelming debt in Texas and other states. Credit card companies have played a significant role in this problem by issuing medical credit cards with high interest rates.

Family with overwhelming debt saved by good Samaritan group

Being hit with an unexpected serious illness can be detrimental to any family financially. This can result in overwhelming debt caused by medical bills in Texas or in any other state. One woman's family experienced exactly this when she became seriously ill in 2010. Ever since then her family has been struggling to make ends meet in order to pay for her continued need for medical treatment.

Affordable Care Act could inadvertently cause overwhelming debt

Money and health are two of the most important things for many people. This is why many are pleased with reports that the new health insurance plans implemented through state exchanges created via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be less expensive than originally predicted. Many commentators in Texas and elsewhere are citing this finding as evidence that the new law is functioning properly and effectively. However, some analysts warn that these low prices may inadvertently increase the risk of overwhelming debt for many consumers.


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