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April 2014 Archives

Bowling alley files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

It is important for a business to keep up with paying its bills, especially rent for the business location. However, some businesses may find themselves struggling in a rough economy in Texas or in any other state. This could result in a company falling behind on bills such as rent. One bowling alley had experienced this situation, which resulted in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Balances on credit cards can cause overwhelming debt in Texas

The problem with having debt on a credit card is that it accumulates interest as long as a balance remains on the account. If a person is only able to afford making the minimum monthly payment, he or she can end up incurring large amounts of interest charges overtime. Many times, this can result in problems with overwhelming debt for consumers in Texas or in any other state.

Toy company files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Toys have played a significant role in just about every child's life. However, making toys is a business just like any other industry in Texas and elsewhere. This means that a toy company can find itself facing financial hardship that could force it to go out of business. Toymaker Summit Products LLC found this out the hard way and has recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Middle class faces overwhelming debt from medical bills in Texas

Many politicians from both sides of the political spectrum talk of the importance of the growth of the middle class to the economic recovery in the United States. However, despite the political rhetoric, the middle class in Texas and other states is still struggling financially amid the slow economic recovery. One of the top concerns regarding personal finance among those in the middle class is overwhelming debt caused by medical bills.

Musician finds herself facing overwhelming debt after tour

Some careers are more difficult to succeed in than others. Careers in the arts are well-known to be particularly challenging. Despite an individual's passion or talent for this type of creative endeavor, many will find they are not able to make a decent living in the arts sector in Texas or in any other state. One musician found this out firsthand and also found herself facing overwhelming debt after a year of touring.


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