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July 2013 Archives

Man has Chapter 7 bankruptcy dismissed for bad faith

Those that petition for bankruptcy protection are usually attempting to obtain relief from some type of debt or monetary obligation. Usually as long as one follows the proper process and procedure while also filling out the numerous required forms, the bankruptcy will go as planned in Texas or in any other state. However, there are various reasons the court could use to dismiss a bankruptcy petition and many of these reasons are not clear and straightforward. One man found this out when he had his Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition dismissed.

Medical debt collection laws set to help with overwhelming debt

Almost everybody at some point will experience an illness or injury. In more severe cases, this could lead to a visit to the hospital or doctor in Texas or in any other state. Unfortunately, the medical bills incurred by unexpected medical emergencies can lead to overwhelming debt which consumers may not be able to afford. This has led to medical providers aggressively pursuing medical debt through debt collection agencies. Now, some lawmakers have begun proposing new laws to regulate the collection practices for medical debt.

Lawsuit forces company to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Finding oneself in the middle of a lawsuit can be financially damaging to any individual. This can also be true for a business that is being named as a defendant in a lawsuit in Texas or in any other state. One wind energy equipment company is experiencing exactly this situation, which has forced the company to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Bad credit report from overwhelming debt hurts employability

In a still struggling economy it can be a challenge for many people to find solid employment due to the large number of businesses shutting their doors. This in turn decreases the need to fill employment positions in the marketplace, which makes it harder for job seekers in Texas and elsewhere to find work. However, another problem which could make it more difficult for job seekers to find employment is a bad credit report caused by overwhelming debt owed to credit card companies.


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